Sierra Sportsmen and Junior Division Inc.
P.O. BOX 1807
Susanville, CA 96130

Susanville Pizza Factory
June 5,2023

a.Executive Officers in Attendance

Bill FeirabendPresident 
Wayne JamboisVice President 
Sophia WagesSecretary 
Elaine JacobsTreeasurer 
Lowell HardwoodClay Dusters 
Don WilliamsClay Dusters 
Phil GuistiClaybreeakers 
Dennis ObergLassen RegulatorsX
Jim WagesArmorer 
Benny MorrowRange Coordinator 
Scott ParksPublicity 
Karen RosePaiute Creek Renegades 
Bill ReierabendCMP 
VacantChief Instructor 

Ron Ridge, John Spencer, Chris Galligher, Steve Anderson, Jonathan Herring, Nick Dolphay, Tom Frohrib, Matt Denney, Rob Schrag, Thomas Page, Curtis Moran.

March 13, 2023 MSCU Elaine Jacobs/Nick Dolphay.

MSCU – Rob/Benny Morrow (See Attached)

Clay Dusters – Lowell kids practicing on Tues. Older persons, show up and Don doing skeet and 5 stand. Going Good. Claybreakers – Rob Schrag, Phil Guisti had had heart attack on Memorial Day Weekend and will have open heart surgery June 6. Nate Spaulding and Rob are leading kids for State competition this weekend Stockton; Nationals in Vegas. No longer school team -- all students can compete area wide. School said club was year round and needed to be aligned with all sports at the high school. Good news Trap Teams are cropping up all over. Claybreakers shot 2,362 out of 2500 targets for top 5 ranking, Claws vs Paws huge success, 23 students attending Vegas, $7200 profit. Range Coordinator – Benny – said no room at Claws and Paws great attendance. Cleanup announcement was on website. Had business cards made. The porta potties found to clean up added t-paper etc. Take a look at hand wash facilities. Public Relations – Scott Parks - none. Paiute Creek Renegades – no shoot this year. Possibly next year. CMP – going good, don’t have all of the students; they graduated from College. Letter from Walter Kirkland had a conflict can’t be here representing 4-H. A letter was read from him. Started with 20 lost 4 students. Combined and small airbore project. Eight members participated in postal shoot. Meet again in July and August. Youngsters are shooting.

6. NEW BUSINESS (Discussion/Action)

  1. Back Berm (Pistol Bay) needs repair Middle Cowboy bay, had 4 now have 3. Looks like an alluvial fan. We need to fix and push berm back on pile. MSCU/Jim Wages/ Nick Dolphay. Jess – will have equipment up there and ask if they can push up the dirt.
  2. Culvert Bids – Crazy J Bid - $3689.49, culvert got washed out, temporarily repaired to continue with College’s project. Tom Downing – 18” culvert bid from Crazy J. Concrete, looks like a steep price. Doesn’t include concrete . 18x24 culvert and compacted. Jess can get bid from Norman Shepherd, if had equipment, we could do ourselves, buy culvert – $612.00 base rock, wacker, baserock, haul baserock, utilize moisture in the load Max. base rock , wacker, tractor, Can save $1,000 if Club does itself. One contractor to do 100 yd berm, this project and others to see how that would all fit together. Waiting 3 months to approve and think about the project. Check to see what their bid would be. Chris Gallagher/ Jonathan to accept Crazy J Bid for Culvert as is.
  3. Website (
  4. Porta Potty bids -Recommendation Big Valley Sanitation Benny reported that Big Valley was the best bid - rent $53/mo service 49, or 39 would sell us, they don’t sell will check and they will sell 2 in good shape $650 each out of Redding. Every two weeks. $39 per unit to be serviced. $109.30/mo Westwood Sanitation, take it away at the end of the year. ASAP sites $238/month service 1 week/ purchase 880 for 980 to pick up. MSCU Steve Anderson/Chris Gallagher $1300, service 2x year for 5 $40 = $200 If needs to be modified Executive Board can change.
  5. Separate 100 yd. range Committee report from Wayne Jambois and Benny Morrow – the BLM and County is the final signoff on Plans. County will look at the liability aspect of the range. Discussion: Tues. Shotgunners occupy 2 or 3 times a week. Some felt that this is not worth the effort. Steve Anderson suggested researching and table to next meeting. Before anything happens, we need approval, start the process now and seeking approval for range. President Bill - If get approval, we can build it safely and cheaply. Can build wings out of concrete blocks and wings and permanent benches. Jess requested for Wayne to check with County for concise plan. MSCU Sophia Wages/Elaine Jacobs to table until next meeting with more input. Wayne indicated that it was already staked out.

7. Other (Discussion/Information)
Wayne – Jess and he had chance to look at ditch at the trap area. Problem could put in culvert and shunt water to keep from running down. – Jess Meet with Norman next week 24 inch culvert floods over 35 ft. backhoe work, There is enough culvert. In future some day for new parking lot.

MSCU Jim Wages/Nick Dolphay 7:47 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dated 6/5/23

Sophia Wages

Sophia Wages, Secretary