The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) promotes firearms safety training and rifle practice for all qualified U.S. citizens with special emphasis on youth.

The CMP was created by the U.S. Congress. The original purpose was to provide civilians an opportunity to learn and practice marksmanship skills so they would be skilled marksmen if later called on to serve the U.S. military. Over the years the emphasis of the program shifted to focus on youth development through marksmanship. From 1916 until 1996 the CMP was administered by the U.S. Army. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1996 (TITLE XVI) created the Corporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice Firearms Safety, Inc. (CPRPFS) to take over administration and promotion of the CMP. The CPRPFS is a tax exempt not-for-profit 501(c3) organization that derives its mission from public law.

CMP Event

3rd Saturday and Sunday of the month @ 9:00 a.m. (As Listed)

Currently the Club holds the CMP High Power Rifle match the third Saturday and Sunday of each month starting at 9am and running usually 2-3 hours. All that is required is some type of military rifle. Most people shoot an M1 Garand or M1A. Others have used Mosin Nagants, SKS, AK-47, Mausers, 1903 Springfield, and more. Any rifle used by any military can be used to participate. The course of fire requires 60 rounds of ammunition. The Club does sell .30-06 ($18 for 60 rds) and .308 ($15 for 60 rds) at the match while our supplies last. All other calibers must be provided by the shooter. For further information you can contact Wild Bill at (530) 251-1266.

If the participants wish, we can also have special shoots such as bolt action only and pistol shoots. For the pistol shoot any military handgun will work.

The CMP shoot will have special shoots such at bolt action only, foreign rifle only and pistol. For the pistol shoot any pistol used by any military in the world will work. Pistol will not have to be "as issued" to shoot but please no radical modification such as scopes or holographic sights. "Race" Guns will not be allowed. If you have questions please use the contact info above to contact the CMP instructor.


  1. Slings may be used for all stages of fire except in standing position.
  2. 10 shots in ten minutes non scoring for sight in.
  3. 10 shots slow fire in ten minutes from the standing position for score.
  4. 10 shots rapid with a reload in 60 seconds starting from standing to kneeling or sitting for score
  5. 10 shots rapid with a reload in 70 seconds starting from standing to prone for score
  6. 20 shots slow fire for twenty minutes from the prone for score
  7. Pistol Matches will be the Presidents Pistol Match Course of Fire consisting of 45 rounds fired as follows;
  8. Five shots from 25 yards in 5 minutes non scoring for sight in.
  9. Two ten minute strings of 10 shots each from 50 yards for score.
  10. Two 20 second strings of 5 shots each from 25 yards for score
  11. Two 10 second strings of 5 shots each from 25yds for score.
  12. All Rifle matches will be the Nation Rifle Match Course of Fire modified for 100yds consisting of 60 rounds fired as follows: